Grand Knight’s Message for July 2012

Brother Knights,

Thank you very much for putting your trust in me by electing me to serve as your Grand Knight in this new Columbian Year 2012-2013.

As I think of my new responsibilities, I remember the four principles that guide our Order:

Charity: Our Catholic faith teaches us to “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” We do this by helping those who are in need, who are less fortunate than ourselves. To continue doing this, we need successful fund raising events, like the one that is coming up in a few days – the Yearly Rummage Sale.

Unity: “None of us is as good as all of us.” These words come to me every year during our Rummage Sale. If you have not participated in it – you do not know what you are missing. But it is not too late – please join us in the evenings starting July 5th and then for the actual sale on Saturday July 14th. If you have participated in the past, I am sure you will be there this year too.

Fraternity: “In the Knights of Columbus, we watch out for and take care of one another.” When Trevor Smith died a tragic and premature death, I was moved by the outpouring of good will that so many of you showed in helping with his funeral.  I want to thank all the Brothers who were there to help with parking (Ed Kilgore, Spence Burton) and distributing cold drinks on that hot day (Tom McGaw, Vince Faussone, Sonny Da Costa, Frank Zanco, Tim Slatt, John McEntire). And special thanks to JP who mowed the grass in the field which enabled us to park a lot of cars there. If you were helping and I missed you – I apologize. I will be sure to notice you the next time.

Patriotism: “We are proud of our devotion to God and country, and believe in standing up for both.” Some may say that patriotism is the responsibility of the 4th Degree. Does that mean that we do not need to care for those who served the United States and now are jobless and destitute? It is Patriotism and Charity that moved one of our Knights, Vince Marengo, to help organizing an event to aid unemployed US Veterans living in Sonoma County to find jobs. Vince moved heaven and earth to finance this event (and I am proud that our Council donated $500) which gathered EDD and a number of private companies from Sonoma County on one side and almost 500 unemployed man and women, most of them US Veterans on the other. Vince was essential in making it a very successful event.  In appreciation of all this work, Vince Marengo is our Knight of the month for June. Congratulations, Vince!

Our devotion to our Country and our Faith is on trial these days as the religious freedom is threatened by those who often do not understand or do not want to understand what freedom is all about. We, the Knights of Columbus, need to remember our principles: charity, unity, fraternity, patriotism – to guide us through these hard times.

Yours in Christ,

Greg Drukala

Grand Knight’s Message for June 2012

My Brothers,
As my year of being Grand Knight for the 2011–2012 year comes to a close, I would like to thank everyone for their backing and support. I cannot begin to express my gratitude to all who chaired our various events, helped cook, setup, cleanup, hide eggs, etc. The highlight of the year was the Centennial Celebration with a good turnout for dinner and mass. I am sure that we will all support Bro. Greg in the same manner in his year as Grand Knight.

We had a turnout of 27 Knights for Bro. McGradys funeral, which was much appreciated by Mikes wife Leanne.

Bro. Greg and I attended the convention in Santa Clara and heard a opening video message from the Supreme Knight Carl Anderson on Religious Liberty who also submitted a resolution in Defense of Religious Liberty. The Deputy Supreme Knight Dennis Savoie was in attendance and spoke very movingly on this subject. The movie For Greater Glory is about this subject and is recommended by Supreme Knight Carl Anderson. It is about the persecution of the Catholic Church in Mexico as I noted in my earlier G. K. messages. Some good news is that the Mental Retardation drive is now officially the People With Intellectual Disabilities by resolution #10. We still heard about membership, but not as much as usual. There is a Shrine to Father McGivney at the Church of the Ascension, 12033 Miller Ave. Saratoga, which is the only other Shrine other that at his gravesite in Connecticut. The Squires won another award for wheelchair money collections, and the council won 3rd place in council scrapbook competition out of 8 books submitted. It was the one on the Centennial Celebration.

On the Friday afternoon session I asked the State Deputy if he would recognize Bro. Adolph’s 100th birthday which was that day, much to my surprise he had a Past State Deputy who was in the 4th Degree with Adolph lead about 700 members in singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him. I was very moved, so cool !!

The Knight of the month was Bro. Tom McGaw for all he does for the parish and the successful membership drive, thanks Tom.

Give Tom a call and reserve a place at the installation dinner and welcome our new officers.
Again I want to thank one and all for your support.

Peace to all,