Grand Knight’s Message for May 2018

My Brothers,

Well I’ve returned from my retirement cruise and saw the power God has. My wife and I visited the Eastern Caribbean and visited Puerto Rico, St. Thomas and St. Maartin.  Those islands suffered through two category 5 hurricanes last year. Both arrived 11 weeks apart and the destruction was unbelievable.  People are still without power in some of the areas. Yet through this tragedy the people were very hospitable and happy that the tourist trade had returned to their islands. They couldn’t do enough to make sure we were taken care of.

I would like to thank Brother Dave Dibble for taking over the reins while I was gone.  He gave me a set of notes that outlined the actions of the evening.

On Saturday April 28th I participated with a work crew of other Knights who helped do a massive cleanup of a parishioner’s yard. Thanks to those who showed up.  A funny side note to this project was the realization that the dumps does not take everything in the house.  IT’S THE DUMPS, and one would expect that whatever you have will be taken at the dumps. So, my story goes as follows. After we loaded my truck with over 20 large hefty bags of grass, weed, and leaves I proceeded to the central landfill in Cotati. The bags are tied, and I have a cargo net over the back of the truck.

I get in the lone line at the dumps and finally after a 25-minute wait to get to the weigh station, I’m told they do not take yard waste. “IT’S THE DUMPS”.  I take a deep breath and started to laugh and went to the Stage Gulch transfer station. The line was short and I spoke to the attendant who tells me to park by the other yard waste piles. He then informs me that I must tear open the bags and dump out the yard waste. IT’S THE DUMPS.

Luckily while I’m unloading Brother Kilgore arrived with his pickup of yard waste. Same story as mine at the Central dump but at least he helped me tearing the bags open.  So, the moral of this story is even when you do a good deed, God may throw you a curve. Just smile and know you helped someone less fortunate than yourself.

I would like to welcome our newest brothers to Council 1586, Brother Marcos Castro, Brother Mark Walton, and Brother Erik Kraus. You’ve joined a great organization whose purpose is to help those in need. Also a welcome to Brother Bernie Hansen who has transferred into our council

A reminder that the Grand Knights Barbecue has been moved to June 12th due to the confirmation ceremony being held on May 8th.  We still will have our normal business meeting, but parking may be a problem.  Plan a head for the May business meeting.

Thanks again to those brothers who donated blood in April.

The Cinco De Mayo dinner is Saturday May 5th with doors opening at 6 PM. Tickets are $16.00 and contact Brother Ospital for tickets.

God Bless,

Michael P. McBride, Grand Knight

Grand Knight’s Message for April 2018

My Brothers,

By the time you read this message, I should be on a boat in the Eastern Caribbean.

March was a busy month for all of us. We had St Patrick’s Day dinner, Recruitment drive, and the Easter egg hunt.

The St. Patrick’s Day Dinner was quite a success. We cleared approximately $1892.00 and everyone had a great meal and a lot of fun with the story telling. Brother Molinari will give us a full accounting at the next business meeting.

The membership Drive was the most successful drive we have had in quite some time.  We have 7-8 Catholic Gentlemen attending there First Degree prior to our next business meeting on April 10th.  It’s important that all attend to show these new brothers our commitment and strength.

I want to thank Tom McGaw for his continuing success in increasing our membership. We have had a great year in recruiting.  I would like to acknowledge his team who know the importance of recruitment and volunteered to help.

Pulpit Announcers: Brothers Robert McAllister, Dave Dibble and Rob Dibble

Info Booth:  Brothers Aaron Fausone, Doug Cooper, Ed Kilgore, Jerry Bordessa, and Frank Quinn

I was at the Easter Egg Hunt on March 31st.  It was well organized and well attended by our brothers and of course the children and their families.  Thanks to Brother Jerry Matacia and to the Squires and Squire Roses for their help and to our Rabbit, Matthew Matacia, who had a great impression on the children. Job well done.

Thanks to all who helped during Easter services. The church was packed and I know Fr. Michael appreciated our presences.

A reminder of the Blood Bank drive sponsored by us on Sunday April 15th. GIVE BLOOD.  Blood donations save life’s.

Congrats to Brother Ed Kilgore who was the big winner at social night.  I was dealer have way through the night.

A reminder that the Grand Knights Barbeque has been moved to June 12th due to the confirmation ceremony being held on May 8th.  We still will have our normal business meeting, but parking may be a problem. The Deputy Grand Knight, Dave Dibble, will be conducting the April Business meeting due to my vacation.

God Bless

Michael P. McBride, Grand Knight

Council 1586

Grand Knight’s Message for March 2018

My Brothers,

I attended the Redwood Chapter meeting on February 24th at St Mary of the Angels in Ukiah.  Our District Deputy, Brother Mark, was also in attendance.  The Chapter meets quarterly, and I met Brother Knights from American Canyon, Mendocino, Fort Bragg and Fortuna. These are dedicated knights.

The Chapter has its own web site and I would suggest you all visit it at least once. It has great information on it. It is

Brother Mark was nominated for Vice President of the Chapter and voting will be done at the conference. As if that wasn’t enough he volunteered to assist with the hospitality suite at the conference. Last year we partnered with another chapter, but it was decided that we would have our own room this year.

Brother Mark tried to get me on the board but as I told him I’m retiring on March 30th and I’m taking a year off after 36 years of confronting people, being in leadership roles and I’ll just be a sheep. I considerate it a sabbatical for a year.

The Chapter is looking for volunteers for the Degree teams. One team for the North Councils and one team for the South Councils. Let Brother Mark know if you are interested.

The Chapter present our council awards for 2 of our brothers for recruiting new members. I’ll make the presentation at our next business meeting.

Congrats to Brother Blume, the winner at our February social night. I couldn’t make it as I had to have my taxes done and I was a lucky winner that night also as I didn’t have to pay the government and got a little back.

Remember to buy your tickets for the St. Patrick’s dinner, March 17th. I bought 12 and in the past Brother Molinari told me attendance has been down.  We need to support this great event.

We will be having our March recruiting drive on the weekend of March 24th and 25th.  Brother McGaw is putting a committee together to assist. Please let him know what Mass you can help.

As I mention earlier I’m retiring as a law enforcement officer on March 30th.  My wife also works in my office on the clerical side and she will be walking out the door with me. I have a total of approximately 36 years of service.  I have seen the bad and very bad of human behavior. I also have experienced the joys the job can bring helping those in need who have been victimized.  It is my faith in God and my Catholic beliefs that got me through the dark days and keep my belief in mankind that there are more good people than evil ones.  I am thankful that I was asked to join the Knights so many years ago as the work we do as a group shows our positive attitude toward life.

See you at our next business meeting on the 13th

God Bless, Michael P. McBride, Grand Knight Council 1586