Grand Knight’s Message for March 2018

My Brothers,

I attended the Redwood Chapter meeting on February 24th at St Mary of the Angels in Ukiah.  Our District Deputy, Brother Mark, was also in attendance.  The Chapter meets quarterly, and I met Brother Knights from American Canyon, Mendocino, Fort Bragg and Fortuna. These are dedicated knights.

The Chapter has its own web site and I would suggest you all visit it at least once. It has great information on it. It is

Brother Mark was nominated for Vice President of the Chapter and voting will be done at the conference. As if that wasn’t enough he volunteered to assist with the hospitality suite at the conference. Last year we partnered with another chapter, but it was decided that we would have our own room this year.

Brother Mark tried to get me on the board but as I told him I’m retiring on March 30th and I’m taking a year off after 36 years of confronting people, being in leadership roles and I’ll just be a sheep. I considerate it a sabbatical for a year.

The Chapter is looking for volunteers for the Degree teams. One team for the North Councils and one team for the South Councils. Let Brother Mark know if you are interested.

The Chapter present our council awards for 2 of our brothers for recruiting new members. I’ll make the presentation at our next business meeting.

Congrats to Brother Blume, the winner at our February social night. I couldn’t make it as I had to have my taxes done and I was a lucky winner that night also as I didn’t have to pay the government and got a little back.

Remember to buy your tickets for the St. Patrick’s dinner, March 17th. I bought 12 and in the past Brother Molinari told me attendance has been down.  We need to support this great event.

We will be having our March recruiting drive on the weekend of March 24th and 25th.  Brother McGaw is putting a committee together to assist. Please let him know what Mass you can help.

As I mention earlier I’m retiring as a law enforcement officer on March 30th.  My wife also works in my office on the clerical side and she will be walking out the door with me. I have a total of approximately 36 years of service.  I have seen the bad and very bad of human behavior. I also have experienced the joys the job can bring helping those in need who have been victimized.  It is my faith in God and my Catholic beliefs that got me through the dark days and keep my belief in mankind that there are more good people than evil ones.  I am thankful that I was asked to join the Knights so many years ago as the work we do as a group shows our positive attitude toward life.

See you at our next business meeting on the 13th

God Bless, Michael P. McBride, Grand Knight Council 1586